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Friends of Redington Pass Rincon mountains photo

Friends of Redington Pass (FRP) is a group comprised of a growing number of neighbors who live and recreate in the Redington Pass area. FRP includes representatives from several homeowner associations totaling over 500 homes and several individual homeowners and business owners. We have come together because of our shared concerns about the current unsafe and environmentally degraded conditions along Redington Pass.FRP is advocating for the responsible care and management of the Coronado National Forest (CNF) in the Redington Pass Area with the recognition that as Tucson grows and develops, the Redington Pass area must also change to adapt to environmental and recreational pressures. The FRP represents neighbors and users who support the vision of long-term preservation of this area as a biological/wildlife corridor encompassing the rich riparian areas of the upper Tanque Verde drainage. Separating two major sky islands, Santa Catalina to the north and Rincons to the south, Redington Pass and the Tanque Verde basin provide a recognized ecologically important transition zone between the Sonoran desert to the west and Chihuahuan desert to the East. Accordingly, FRP seeks to accomplish the following goals:
  • Improve safety and travel through the neighborhoods along Redington Road
  • Assure conservation and restoration of sensitive riparian areas along the Tanque Verde and adjacent creek beds and steep slopes
  • Improve and maintain non-motorized and quiet recreation (hiking, biking, horseback riding) on trails and restricted roads
  • Reduce conflicts among recreational users in the Pass
  • Reduce the number of and further limit motorized travel routes to only those that can be properly maintained and enforced at the forecasted CNF funding levels
Click the "Friends of Redington Pass" picture at the beginning of this page to visit their website and learn more about the colorful history of Redington Pass and efforts to improve its future.

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