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The purpose of this website is to keep the property owners of La Cebadilla Estates, Tucson, Arizona and other interested parties informed of events happening in and around their community. Here you will find current information regarding upcoming social events, official legal documents, website links, and contact information. Some portions of this website may be restricted to residents of La Cebadilla Estates and may require a user name and password (found in the latest "La Cebadilla Directory".)

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La Cebadilla Lake and the surrounding area are private property reserved for the exclusive use of residents of La Cebadilla Estates. It is considered trespassing for nonresidents to be at the lake unless they are accompanied by a resident or are in possession of a resident's ID pass. This area is patrolled by Cactus Security and, when trespassing occurs, Pima County Sheriff's Department will be notified.

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